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“My time at Boom shaped who I am today more than I am able to describe. Though I went into medicine shortly after I got back from Boom, I was able to do so because I knew I couldn’t beat the experiences I had in Amsterdam ever again in comedy. I met friends that I have kept for life, I developed confidence that I have carried with me even throughout my career in medicine. I work in the ER now which I call “the improv of medicine,” where I have no idea what will come in the door but I feel I’ll be able to handle it because I could handle 300 drunk Australians screaming at me onstage. The stories I have from my time there are always close in my consciousness- corporate shows, crazy nights out, hilarious shows, ridiculous situations with The Dutch. Not to mention Andrew Moskos nicknamed me “Dani Sparkle” and now I have a medspa practice named Sparkle Aesthetics after this nickname has stuck for the last 20 years…Every new friend that comes into my life quickly learns about my time at Boom, about my dear friends who have gone on to fame in show business, about the unique honor that I have had to perform at Boom for 2 years. I wear it like a badge and I always will.”

Years Active at Boom


Boom Chicago Show Credits

Rock Stars (2002)

Boom Chicago Saves the World (Sorry about the Mess) 2003)

Boom Chicago’s 25th Anniversary Show at Carre (2018)