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“I entered the Boom Chicago pipeline at Northwestern University getting cast in the campus comedy group Mee-Ow and then joined Boom in the summer of ‘99.  What was initially planned as something like a 6-month “layover stop” before what I expected would be a swift and certain flight through Second City up to SNL, my time in Amsterdam stretched into nearly 5 years of improv and music “graduate school.” Subjects included: Learning how to work with an ensemble to present “winning” performances. How to expand your mind and discover the spiritual world.  And: How to keep it together when you begin to experience your first manic and depressive episodes.  I struggled a bit with that last one.  Yet, in acquiring ‘an examined life worth living,’ the emotions, goals and philosophies that were all swimming around during those pivotal years at Boom Chicago, remain an absolute blessing.”

Years Active at Boom


Boom Chicago Show Credits

Everything’s Going to Be All Right—and Other Lies (1999)

Two Thousand Years Down the Drain: From Jesus Christ to Jerry Springer (1999)

Live at the Leidseplein: Your Privacy Is Our Business (2000)

Europe: We’ve Created a Monster (2001)

Rock Stars (2002) + Comedy Swap w/ Second City

Boom Chicago Saves the World (Sorry about the Mess) (2003)