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“I was Musical Director at Boom Chicago for 12 years. While I was still at Boom, I launched my music production business and collaborated with Boom alum Heather Anne Campbell on many song parodies and original songs for FOX ADHD. After leaving Boom, I continued working with Heather and also worked with Boom Alum Amber Ruffin, co-writing songs that she sang on Late Night With Seth Meyers (NBC). Amber and I also collaborated on two musicals – ‘King Of Kong’ and ‘Bigfoot The Musical,’ and I worked as Musical Director for 3 seasons of The Amber Ruffin Show (Peacock). I’m currently serving as Music Supervisor on “The Committee: A Secret History Of America Comedy” with Boom alum Jamie Wright. In 2021, I launched ‘das ambient works’ – a solo ambient project, and under this brand I’ve collaborated with Boom’s current Musical Director, Sacha Hoedemaker on a 7-song album called La Batalla.” See more!

Years Active at Boom


Boom Chicago Show Credits

Going Down: A Comedy Show About Pessimism (2003)

Boom Chicago Saves the World (Sorry about the Mess) (2003)

Why Aren’t You Happy Yet? (2004)

Mr. America Contest: A Comedy Show about the U.S. Presidential Race (2004)

Bite the Bullet! (2005)

Kick This: A World Cup Comedy with Balls (2006)

Me MySpace and iPod (2006)

Boom Chicago’s Wild West Comedy and Gun Show—Featuring One Real Indian (2007)

Last One to Leave the Planet, Turn Out the Lights (2008)

Screw the Planet; Save the Oil (Best of Boom 2009)

Yankee Come Back (2009)

Upgrade or Die! (2009)

Your Worst Fears (2010)

Social Media Circus (2011)

9/11 Forever (2011)

Branded for Life (2012)

My Big Fat American Election (2012)

Baby I Like It Raw (2013)

20th Anniversary Best of Boom (2013)

What’s Up with Those Beards? (2014)