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Greg Shapiro – the American Netherlander – is known from Comedy Central, from Dutch NPO TV, and as the voice of the viral video ‘Netherlands Second.’ One of the Boom Chicago originals, Shapiro came to Amsterdam in 1994 for just one summer – and never left. He has written three books – including HOW TO BE DUTCH: the Quiz – and he has written six solo shows including Leaving Trumpland. He has performed at corporate events for NATO, he has hosted events for the King of the Netherlands, and he once performed in the Business Class section of a KLM 747 flight to Chicago (with Pep Rosenfeld). Greg still loves teaming up with Pep, and together they regularly perform at Boom Chicago with their standup show Pep and Greg Save America. See more

Years Active at Boom


Boom Chicago Show Credits

Boom / Chicago (1994)

Great Moments in Creation (1995)

Culture Shock Therapy (1995)

Boom Chicago’s Laatste Nieuws / Best of Boom (1996) the internet and other modern frustrations (1997)

Think Quick (1998), Everything’s Going to Be All Right—and Other Lies (1999)

Two Thousand Years Down the Drain: From Jesus Christ to Jerry Springer (1999)

Live at the Leidseplein: Your Privacy Is Our Business (2000)

Europe: We’ve Created a Monster (2001)

Nieuwjaars Conference (2001)

Rock Stars (2002)

Yankee Go Home: Americans and Why You Love to Hate Us (2002)

Boom Chicago Saves the World (Sorry about the Mess) (2003)

Going Down: A Comedy Show About Pessimism (2003)

Why Aren’t You Happy Yet? (2004)

Mr. America Contest (2004)

Bite the Bullet! (2005)

Me MySpace and iPod (2006)

Boom Chicago’s Wild West Comedy and Gun Show—Featuring One Real Indian (2007)

Bye-Bye Bush (2008)

Political Party (2010)

There’s No Such Thing as Sinterklaas (2010)

9/11 Forever (2011)

My Big Fat American Election (2012)

Angry White Men: Trump Up the Volume (2016)

Lock Him Up (2020)

Pep & Greg Save America (2022)