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Boom Chicago was a fantastic voyage undertaken with two of my dearest friends, Andrew Moskos and Jon Rosenfeld. It combined the best of what we had to offer from our years in Evanston into a synergy that was far, far beyond the whole of its parts. Again and again it broke open futures that did not previously exist for ourselves and countless others. I loved Boom Chicago and it is foundational to my life. The lessons I learned, the way I grew, the things I saw and the relationships that formed continue as generative forces in my life to this very day. I am now a medical doctor with a focus on global health, working often in Uganda.


Years Active at Boom



Boom Chicago Show Credits

1993 as founding member and head technician

Boom / Chicago (1994)

Great Moments in Creation/Culture Shock Therapy (1995)

Boom Chicago’s Laatste Nieuws / Best of Boom (1996) the internet and other modern frustrations (1997)

Think Quick (1998)

Everything’s Going to Be All Right—and Other Lies (1999)

Two Thousand Years Down the Drain: From Jesus Christ to Jerry Springer (1999)

Live at the Leidseplein: Your Privacy Is Our Business (2000)

Europe: We’ve Created a Monster (2001)

Rock Stars (2002)

Boom Chicago Saves the World (Sorry about the Mess) (2003)

Why Aren’t You Happy Yet? (2004)

Bite the Bullet (2005)

Me MySpace & iPod (2006)