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After heading back to the States from Amsterdam, Liz Bolton resettled in Los Angeles, where she continued working as an on-camera and voice actor. Favorite credits include the Spiderman, Smurfs, and Hunger Games franchises, as well as the Cannes favorite Oh Lucy!, shot in Tokyo. (If you think Holland’s interesting…) Liz taught and performed at The Groundlings theatre in LA, as well as performing at the Second City Hollywood, on the Comedy Central Stage, and with other Boom alums at iO in a hilariously thrown-together mess she organized with Amber Ruffin, called Boomtang.

Eventually Liz and her family decamped for southeast Alaska, where she began working remotely as a script and content writer. She returned to school, and is currently finishing her MFA in creative nonfiction writing through the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she also teaches undergraduate writing classes. She has been published widely in the parenting space as well as in literary journals, and is at work on a book.

Recently Liz, Steve, and their two children relocated to a century-old farmhouse in New England, which they are attempting to restore to its former glory (read: mostly rid of mouse poop).

Years Active at Boom

2008-2009, 2011

Boom Chicago Show Credits

Last One to Leave the Planet, Turn Out the Lights (2008)

Screw the Planet; Save the Oil / Best of Boom (2008-9)

Yankee Come Back (2009)

Holland Globetrotters (2009)

Upgrade or Die! (2009)