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I saw one of their very first shows, wrote songs for the first few years, choreographed countless numbers, became an understudy and started teaching workshops, became a regular Late Night cast member, helped open the Leidseplein Theater and became a regular cast member in 2006.

Years Active at Boom

1993 – 2005 (Guest Performer / Trainer / Choreographer)

2006 – 2018 (Cast Member)

2018 – present (Guest Performer)

Boom Chicago Show Credits

Boom / Chicago (1994) 

Great Moments in Creation (1995)

Culture Shock Therapy (1995)

Boom Chicago’s Laatste Nieuws / Best of Boom (1996) the internet and other modern frustrations (1997)

Think Quick (1998)

Everything’s Going to Be All Right—and Other Lies (1999)

Two Thousand Years Down the Drain: From Jesus Christ to Jerry Springer (1999)

Why Aren’t You Happy Yet? (2004), 

Bite the Bullet! (2005)

Me MySpace and iPod (2006)

Boom Chicago’s Wild West Comedy and Gun Show—Featuring One Real Indian (2007)

Last One to Leave the Planet, Turn Out the Lights (2008)

Screw the Planet; Save the Oil (Best of Boom 2009)

Yankee Come Back (2009)

Upgrade or Die! (2009)

Your Worst Fears (2010)

Branded for Life (2012)

Deep Undercover (2012)

Baby I Like It Raw (2013)

Seven Deadly Dutch Sins (2013)

20th Anniversary Best of Boom (2013)

What’s Up with Those Beards? (2014)

Rob it Like it’s Hot (2015)

Legends of Rob (2017)

Boom Chicago’s 25th Anniversary Show at Carre (2018)