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Steven came to Amsterdam in 1997 to hand out flyers for Boom Chicago in front of the Van Gogh Museum and stayed 19 years, 18 of them working for Boom’s tech department. During those years he also raised two kids, Maddie & Xavier. In 2016 Steven moved to Brooklyn and opened Quimby’s Bookstore NYC.

Years Active at Boom


Boom Chicago Show Credits

Think Quick (1998)

Everything’s Going to Be All Right—and Other Lies (1999)

Two Thousand Years Down the Drain: From Jesus Christ to Jerry Springer (1999)

Live at the Leidseplein: Your Privacy Is Our Business (2000)

Europe: We’ve Created a Monster (2001)

Nieuwjaarsconference (2001)

Rock Stars (2002)

Boom Chicago Saves the World (Sorry about the Mess) (2003)

Why Aren’t You Happy Yet? (2004)

Bite the Bullet! (2005)

Best of Boom (2005)

Best of Boom (2006)

Me MySpace and iPod (2006)

Boom Chicago’s Wild West Comedy and Gun Show—Featuring One Real Indian (2007)

Last One to Leave the Planet, Turn Out the Lights (2008)

Screw the Planet; Save the Oil (2008)

Bye-Bye Bush (2008)

Yankee Come Back (2009)

Holland Globetrotters (2009)

Upgrade or Die!  (2009)

Your Worst Fears (2010)

There’s No Such Thing as Sinterklaas (2010)

Social Media Circus (2011)

Branded for Life (2012)

Baby I Like It Raw (2013)

Seven Deadly Dutch Sins (2013)

Delete Zwarte Piet Niet (2013)

What’s Up with Those Beards? (2014)

New Kids on the Gracht (2015)